Torchlight Review – A lethargic ARPG experience that does not hold up nearly a decade after launch

To me, an ARPG is all about fun combat, interesting loot and diving head first in to character builds and browsing the numbers and researching ways for those numbers to increase.  Torchlight fails on nearly all of these points and so much more.

Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Edition Review – raucous, edgy, fun

Playing Borderlands GOTY Enhanced is a fun, edgy nostalgia-driven trip that would best be experienced with friends, if the game permitted it. 

This package includes all previously released DLC, new guns, SHiFT keys and chests and some nice quality of life improvements like a FOV slider however the accessibility options are non-existent as keymapping is not included.

With a cheeky, over-the-top story and characters that don’t take their self too seriously, a great aesthetic and good feeling combat Borderlands is as good as it has ever been in this 4K HDR upgrade.

Dungeon Defenders Collection review – A spiffingly good romp 8 years on

Dungeon Defenders Collection merges tower defense and light RPG mechanics with action based gameplay. In typical tower defense fashion, you and your friends or strangers online, must lay down defences and utilize the unique skill set of each playable character to take a grip of the missions and stop the horde from destroying the Eternia Crystals scattered around each of the intricately designed maps.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Review

PES 2019 is a fantastic football simulation, marred with small issues that, if fixed, would see the franchise grow. If you are looking for a great single player or local co-op experience, I would give the game a go – if you are purchasing this for the multiplayer; proceed with caution due to matchmaking issues.