Here is how to gain access to legacy content in Destiny 2 New Light and Shadowkeep!

n what seems like a lifetime ago, but in reality happened back in January, Bungie and Activision parted ways in what was reminiscent of a slightly sour break-up where all parties pretend everything between them is hunky-dory.

Exploring the developments and effects of in-game advertising and advergaming (Originally written in 2015)

In-Game Advertising has become increasingly popular for both game developers and advertising companies as both set out to look for new ways to increase their revenue flow.  For game developers, this has worked and mobile games as such as Flappy Bird and Fruit Ninja show this, however in-game advertising is beginning to work its way in to games created in larger development studios to subsidise some of the ever expanding costs of game development.

This paper also takes a look at the future of In-Game advertising and Advergaming through the use of Virtual Reality.

E3 2019: Nintendo Direct predictions for E3

E3 2019 is mere weeks away and you’d be forgiven for thinking video game Christmas is already under way as Microsoft announced their first party titles like Age of Empires and Gears of War are coming to Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Meanwhile, Sony has showcased a huge chunk of Hideo Kojima’s dark, wild and confusing Death Stranding with a rumoured State of Play hanging over their head for next week. 

The Turmoil and Failures of Early Access and Crowdfunded Games (Originally written in 2015)

Please note, this was initially written as part of a University class in 2015.

Valve introduced the Early Access program on to the Steam Client in March 2013.  Early Access allows developers to launch their game in an Alpha or Beta state on to the Steam storefront where consumers can purchase the title if they wish to support the continued development of the game.

Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Edition Review – raucous, edgy, fun

Playing Borderlands GOTY Enhanced is a fun, edgy nostalgia-driven trip that would best be experienced with friends, if the game permitted it. 

This package includes all previously released DLC, new guns, SHiFT keys and chests and some nice quality of life improvements like a FOV slider however the accessibility options are non-existent as keymapping is not included.

With a cheeky, over-the-top story and characters that don’t take their self too seriously, a great aesthetic and good feeling combat Borderlands is as good as it has ever been in this 4K HDR upgrade.

Dungeon Defenders Collection review – A spiffingly good romp 8 years on

Dungeon Defenders Collection merges tower defense and light RPG mechanics with action based gameplay. In typical tower defense fashion, you and your friends or strangers online, must lay down defences and utilize the unique skill set of each playable character to take a grip of the missions and stop the horde from destroying the Eternia Crystals scattered around each of the intricately designed maps.